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We’ve been quiet but not idle

It’s been a long time since we’ve posted, and a lot has happened; we bought a house, Nadja is almost finished with her long neglected bachelor’s degree, we got some chickens, we have different cats who have yet to have an opportunity to show us their vermin catching skills (or lack thereof,) and we’re applying for an Urbana arts & Culture Grant!

Our house is at the corner of Anderson and Hawthorne in Urbana. It’s got a pretty massive yard full of boring, invasive, environmentally detrimental turf grass. Our vision is to fill the space with raised garden beds and local art, as well as creating spaces for performances and education. The garden will provide free, fresh food to our community and the art will enrich the lives of people who come in to interact with it or who just observe it as they ride by on the Green line.

If this sounds like a project you’d like to be involved in, take a few moments to fill out our survey here. We’ve already got a great list of co-conspirators who want to dance, paint, speak, build, teach, and grow with us! Our proposal is due this weekend but regardless of the outcome, this is a project we are dedicated to bringing to life! Watch this space for updates!

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