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Civility? That part of the Salaita discourse is over.

Hey, everybody.

We’re not going to go into the issue of Steven Salaita here.

We figure that the fact we made these buttons provides you with information about where Stone Robot Enterprises sits on this issue.


Buttons are $1. If you want some shipped, email us [moxyATtmbgDOTorg] or contact us on FB through Stone Robot Enterprises. We’ll get your address, calculate shipping, and send ’em off.

That seems like a pain, so maybe just get in touch with us and we’ll meet up in a dark alley at midnight.

Oh, and Phyllis Wise?

Unlike you, we don’t think that “we must  constantly reinforce our expectation of a university community that values civility as much as scholarship.”

Colleges are for learning, not being polite about important issues and improper firings.

Fuck Civility.


benjamin and Nadja
Stone Robot Enterprises

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