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Made Fest has been good to us

Holy dang, guys. Holy dang. Benjamin here.

The Made Fest has done a Great Deal to show us that people like our stuff.

Like, a lot. Indeed, so much so that our stock has been drastically reduced for tomorrow. Given this fact, I implore you all to spend your hard-earned cash on me doing live drawings for you.

Stone Robot Enterprises levels-up as of this weekend, so it’s time for us to make sure everything is updated on our websites. We want you to be able to follow us through our strange and lovely lives.

Stone Robot Enterprises Made Fest Booth Small

I’m going to be crass and throw links at you, then I’ll talk to you about upcoming plans for shipping, and plans for some fancier stuff. Anyroad:

Stone Robot Enterprises on Facebook

Snack the Knife (Nadja’s cocktail blog)

benchiladaland (benjamin’s art and strangeness blog)

Nothing to Do in C-U, because Nadja got tired of people saying that there’s nothing to do in these towns.


Also, the website you’re reading has an actual theme ready to roll-out shortly.

Today we found out that interstate taxes for small businesses are far easier that we thought. This opens up shipping for nearly all of our products. And we’re going to try to do some middle-man elimination. Sure, a few things on Etsy and Printfection, but we’re going to aim for being direct-sale. That’ll mean cheaper prices for you and will mean that the workers control the means of production we won’t have to give anybody else a cut. πŸ™‚

We’d love to hear what you liked, what items you think we should be selling more of, and so on.

Please comment here, or like us on FB, and tell your friends. πŸ˜‰


benjamin and Nadja

PS – Mad love to our boothmate, Sophie McMahon. She’s awesome and her art makes me pleased.

PPS – Mad love to Lumbering Behemoth and his awesome reclaimed material lamps and more. Everything he makes is impressive.

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